Unknowingly my career as a cameraman started when I picked up an old video camera to film my mates skateboarding in Swindon when I was fourteen. Twenty years later I’m somehow sitting here with a career I never could have foreseen.

I’ve shot all over the world for Universal Music, Tinder, Mayor of London, PepsiCo, UniLad, Chelsea FC, BBC, Soho House, HRH Prince of Wales, Soneva, UBS, freuds and many other big brands, however it’s the lesser known people and organisations that I love working with the most and are the projects I’m most proud of.


Between my corporate and brand work, I’ve been shooting and directing wildlife conservation films, raising awareness of issues faced by tigers, rhino, sharks, orangutans, whales and many more. These projects have had me scuba diving deep into pitch black underwater caves and snorkelling nose to nose with giant saltwater crocs.

My last project shot in Brazil was showcased to the Belize government who are now overhauling their country’s entire jaguar conservation strategy because of what our documentary uncovered, which will now hopefully save the jaguars of Belize from extinction.


It doesn’t matter how good a film is, without the right strategy behind it, it won’t get seen and it won’t cause change or become profitable, so that’s why I’ve been absolutely obsessed with learning algorithms and understanding the secrets behind online success.

This obsession started when I created a YouTube channel for The Wildlife Aid Foundation in Surrey where after a very slow start, with much research and trial and error, I started uncovering the secrets to making online content successful. Many years have passed, however after following the strategy I created the channel now benefits from 400,000 subscribers and 125 million views and huge revenues generated from text donations requested within the videos.

I handed over the channel a few years ago to pursue my bigger wildlife stories and the freedom of working freelance, however I’m proud to say that their top 10 performing videos to this day are still mostly content I created, which hopefully is a testament to my special formula.

Now I work closely with Cavalier Communications where together we produce award-winning content along with their class leading performance marketing & lead generation.